The Rich and their Pharmakeia

Many present-day developments are setting the stage for Daniel’s 70th week. Revelation 18:23 notes that during the Tribulation Period, Babylon will deceive all nations with witchcraft, or ‘pharmakeia’. Even today, developments are setting the stage for this deception.

Eight Predictions

An economic system whereby “you will own nothing” is of course a Marxist-Communist system. Property rights are denied and given to a “state”, but really, the spoils are stolen by an unelected elite.

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates

When a State (through a ruling party) attacks citizens’ God-given rights and freedoms, can something be done about it? More specifically, when human authority directly contravenes God’s laws and instructions, must citizens accept such a tyrannical abuse of authority? Concerning civil government, what is the doctrine of the lesser magistrates, and what is interposition? Perhaps you must stand in the gap during a time of crisis.

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