The Great Reset in 2021?

Since about June 2020, various unelected entities have been marketing a ‘Great Reset’ of the whole world. Spearheading this initiative is the World Economic Forum (‘WEF’), aided and abetted by the IMF, Prince Charles, politicians such as Justin Trudeau, John Kerry, etc. — and not a few super-wealthy people. In July 2020, the WEF published a book about the ‘Great Reset’, and its website is devoted to this topic. In November 2020, Time magazine pictured ‘The Great Reset’ on its cover. But does any of this possibly have Biblical and prophetic significance?

Physical Replacement Theology?

In 722-721 BC, the Assyrians took the northern kingdom of Israel captive. Are the ten tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel lost? Is Judah and Benjamin the only tribes of Israel that still exist?

The Day of Jesus Christ

What does it mean when the Bible refers to ‘the day of [Jesus] Christ’? Is this day different from the ‘day of the Lord’ and the ‘day of God’? Can it be said that ‘the day of Christ’ is a technical term, always meaning the same regardless of the context?

This Age and the Age to Come

The Bible refers to ‘this age’ and the ‘age to come’ (cf. Luk 20:34; Eph 1:21; Heb 6:5). For example, Jesus tells the religious leaders of Israel that the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in ‘this age or in the age to come’ (Mt 12:32). What is meant by ‘this age’, when did it start, and how will it end? What is meant by the ‘age to come’?